Monday, July 18, 2005


Well you'll be happy to know I never died. I lost the password to my Blogger acount and had to do all this complicated stuff which took ages. But I changed my pass to something easily remembered and will start posting everyday.

I don't believe it. Doom (remember the 2d monsters and double barrel shotgun?) is coming to cinema. WTF???? Ok on the website it says this and I quote

hmmm ok Blogger won't let me paste so I am NOT writing it all out. So go see for yourself.
Anyway it looks a bit like Starship Troopers. Will this be a timeless classic. Or a cash in???? Who knows. Only time will tell......

and as warning when on the doom movie website keep away from the crazy frog advert because it dosen't shut up at all. Agghh!!! *shoots himself*


At 3:39 PM, Blogger David said...

Hi Laus

Great blog site - however you're as bad as me with some of your spelling mistakes and I don't mean cool words but basic spelling. Use your spell check.

Enough ranting - keep up the good work I send more comments later. have a look at my blog



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