Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's in the what??!!?

What a wonderful 2 weeks its been since I last posted. I'm sorry, I was on holiday. But I have some nice little stories lined up.

Gmail (again) to GoogleMail?
Gmail have started giving UK residents the email address '' because someone has trademarked it our something. Smart idea probably, someone willw alk out of this rich. Read the Google articile Here
Now that will affect a lot of people, I would much rather have than
Anyway I have discovered that Ipod shuffles are water proof! It was an accidental discovery though, I left my Ipod in my jeans and put them in the wash. Then I saw my poor iPod being flung around in the washing machine so I turned it off and opened the door and got soaked. Then I put the iPod in a warm dry place and checked the warranty. Unfirtunately it dosen't cover accidental washings. But it dried out an works fine, the buttons are a little stiff though.
I saw this story on Digg, it was on the main page so wasn't that hard. Anyway a company called Optware have made a disc, called HVD (Holographic Vertasile Disc), that can hold up to 3.9 Terabytes. At the moment it is only 1TB, but it has 1Gbps transfer rate. This is some disc but I saw somewhere that each HVD would cost around $10000000000. I'll but two then. Anyway if these can be produced cheaply then Blu-Ray and HD-DVD will die before they start.



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