Friday, June 17, 2005

'Teleporting' over the internet

Computer scientists in the US are developing a system which would allow people to "teleport" a solid 3D recreation of themselves over the internet.

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Just found out about a new program called fireANT it lets you download videos and movies and make it comes with built-in BitTorrent, a complete subscription to RSS and allows you to sync media to your psp (when they arrive in Europe) or iPod, sounds good???

And its free!!!!

Also there is stuff on the site about videobloging, not sure what that is??? Neither am I check here

Digg 2.0 Beta (coming soon)

Calling all beta testers! Digg 2.0 is nearing release, and we need your help. The scheduled open public beta is set for June 26th. We have a new design, tons of new features, and most importantly multiple servers to help share the load. Check back on the 26th for the beta site link!

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I am so boring I couldn't find anything on eBay so i went to digg to find some funny stuff and found NOTHING to do with good stuff to download. Oh well :-(

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another wee update

If you have a lap-top with wifi enabled this site gives a list of hotspots in your area (in some countries, I think, this is illegal, ok)

new thing: with certain keywords I'll search wikipedia just so you (and me!!) know exactly what it means:-)

eDonkey and eMule

You can get the free version of eDonkey from here (scroll right down to find it)
You can get eMule free from here (select the mirror nearest to where you live)

I downloaded eMule and eDonkey and found eDonkey a lot better but many people swear by eMule so it's really up to you.

Obviously many people already have these programs thats why they are currently the best but if your behind everyone (like I was) get them from the links.

Unfortunaely the way p2p works by next year most people will probably be using completely different program from eDonkey or eMule so get it while it is still the best.

A good website for free downloads is

And if you've ever wanted to become a hacker check out this site for instructions. It explains the lifestyle and culture of a hacker as well as different programs used

Monday, June 13, 2005


Not much of an update.

But I found a great site if you use Bittorrents.
Check out the pirate bay it works like google it even has a I'm Feeling Lucky button. But you must have bittorrent program. E-donkey works and you can get a bittorrent program from here Also if your a big fan of energy drinks check out this site. Found, once again, thanks to Digg

Also I've decided on a new thing to add each update its called CRAP YOU CAN BUY ON EBAY

Now eBay is a good site to find what you want. But you can also find out a whole load of useless stuff on it. Here are todays examples:

Broken Hockey Sticks made into HOCKEY CHAIRS
US $250
Item Number 5207228321

Rare Pope John Paul II Vatican License FAKE ID
GBP £0.99
Item Number 5588735493

Thats all:-)

Also, so I don't offend anyone, I was not trying to be disrespectful to the Pope

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Originally uploaded by Laus.
Good Sites

Homestar Runner


I've decided that, for links, I won't put the whole address I will only put in the website name. ok????

Also if you don't already have Mozila Firefox you can get it here it lets you open different tabs instead of new windows and blocks pop-ups. But if you're useing Explorer it will say it could contain a malicious program or something.

The new version of SpyBot is out. Get it here. Spybot search and destroy 1.4 is a free anti-spyware program.


I am working on a flash cartoon which I will put on my website. If you have a look now you can see a short animation of a blue and black stick man fighting. It looks really bad but FLASH ANIMATION IS DIFFICULT ok???

First Real Post

Well since this is my first real post it needs some useless information. Most of which I get from
Well I found out ypu can send an e-mail to yourself in the future which is pretty random. Do it here and remind yourself of something, give instructions (buried treasure) or, as I did, threaten yourself

You Really need to see the Xombie cartoon, its fantastic.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Welcome to the GreenPortal.

This blog is about everything, anything smart I come across I'll post here so check often for updates.

Anyway some good sites are

Anyway thanks for visiting my blog