Saturday, July 30, 2005

Internet Explorer 7

So Microsoft are fed up with firefox taking over and have created IE 7. Now if you have a look at some of the 'new' internet explorers features you'll notice something familiar. Basically everything on Firefox has been copied. Also IE 7 only lets you search with the MSN search. If you go to the Microsoft website your computer will be scanned before you can download anything. Any pirate software? Microsoft will know. Of course when the new Windows comes out. You may only be able to use IE.
Get Firefox!
When you try to download Firefox you may be told it could be bad for your computer. This isn't true

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Where Am I???

You may have noticed that I've changed the theme. Also I've put some ads on the site. If you like the new theme leave a comment saying I like the new theme or whatever and do the same if you don't like it. Except change like to don't like.

Well Sorry!!!

Seemingly I ALWAYS start my posts with well. Well I'll stop then.

SO whats new. I downloaded this great program that lets you use your Gmail (yes, Gmail again) as another drive. In the My Computer screen you can open it and put anything you like in it. As long as the name is not more than 40 caracters long or the file is bigger than 10mbs. But its still quite good. Get it here


Well its 1:27AM but Im still blogging. I've found a cool site that lets you enter almost any website that needs you to log in. It gives you a username and pass to use. Its called BugMeNot. check it out here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gmail Update

Well today I first heard of Gmail and today I get an account.
My new email is

Many thanks to JudahB who sent me the invite


Google have started a email service called Gmail. You can only join by invite. It has 2GB of space for emails and this guy used his account to store music. Check it out on his blog
And If anyone has a Gmail account can you please send me an invite. My email is

Monday, July 18, 2005


Well you'll be happy to know I never died. I lost the password to my Blogger acount and had to do all this complicated stuff which took ages. But I changed my pass to something easily remembered and will start posting everyday.

I don't believe it. Doom (remember the 2d monsters and double barrel shotgun?) is coming to cinema. WTF???? Ok on the website it says this and I quote

hmmm ok Blogger won't let me paste so I am NOT writing it all out. So go see for yourself.
Anyway it looks a bit like Starship Troopers. Will this be a timeless classic. Or a cash in???? Who knows. Only time will tell......

and as warning when on the doom movie website keep away from the crazy frog advert because it dosen't shut up at all. Agghh!!! *shoots himself*