Monday, August 29, 2005

Google Talk Interview

I downloaded Google Talk as I have heard a lot about it. It was quick to download, install and run. I was really suprised how well it works and it dosen't slow my computer down at all. i only have 2 complaints about it.
1. It won't use my selected nickname as my Google Talk name

2. No one I know uses it!

For some reason all my friends who use MSN won't switch to google talk. They laughed when I said it was so much better and called me a geek when I told them I would invite them to Gmail as it has over 2500mb (2508 or something). What is wrong with them!!! So all I can say is screw you guys I'm using Google Talk from now on. Get it here

To prove my point I decided to interview passers-by about Google Talk. Heres what went down

"Have you seen Google's Instant Messenger?"
"Instant Whit?"
"Google's version of MSN"
"Naw man I like MSN"
"Google Talk is better"
"Google whit?"
"Google's Instant Messenger"
"Google's Instant Whit?"
"Are you stupid! I just explained what it is"
"Dinnae call me stupit"
"Anyway do you want an invite"
"An invite to whit?"
"Whit's Gmail?"
"Google's Email service"
"Why wid I want that? I've got hotmail"
"Gmails better, you get 2 Gigabytes of space"
"Why would I want that?"
"So you can use Google Talk"
"Haw man will you shut it aboot that Google man. Gies that mic!"

At this point I was attacked and had his mic stolen. What does this prove? Normal* people won't use Google Talk and never walk around Glasgow with any sort of electrical equipment

* For those that wonder a normal person in Glasgow wears a baseball cap at a 90 degree angle, a white Kappa Tracksuit and Reebok Classics. They also speak in a completely different language to most people. If you would like to know more about the Ned visit

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Google Ads on MSN spaces

I was bored and went on MSN (VERY bored) and decided to try and make some money from my msn space. You can't edit the HTML of the space but you can put HTML in the blog posts so I copied the GoogleAds code into my blog entry. But msn ignored the HTML for google search and made it an image instead. I tried again but it wouldn't let me. Then when i tried to publish the post it told me my space was unavailable. So when i got it back I put a spread firefox button to get back at them.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Digg? seems to have a lotof glitches and it has become really slow to load. Whats going on?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Make Your Own Google and

This is really cool. You can make your Google or Yahoo search page. Heres mine Make your own at logogle
Also here is an exclusive link to the new MSN search engine (beta)

Also when you use the real Google and search GreenPortal it's the third one down. We have nothing to do with by the way

I was thinking of making I went to netdaze as they are very cheap and it said was taken so I typed in and it went to some site that I get put to all the time. They told me was for sale so I had a look at the price thinking I could buy it with my Splashplastic. It was $2500 is it just me or is that a bit expensive considering Netdaze is £6.00 for a year??

Eminem Concert

Ages ago I bought tickets for Eminem's Anger Managment Tour and it's been cancelled. Hes not even rescheduling it as everyones getting their money back.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


This is mad, type in Failure in Google and look at the first thing that comes up

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Im back from my Holiday. I tried to post from my phone but it never worked.
Also I bought an iPod Shuffle. Its pretty good and I would recommened one. Anyway if I can il put some of my holiday picks (lol) if I can BUT I never took them with a digital camera so I'll have to take photos of them which is stupid.


Saturday, August 06, 2005


Im going away for a week so there will be no more posts till I'm back and probably even longer than that because I'm moving rooms.

If I can post from my mobile I'll keep you updated on whats hapening on my Holiday

Friday, August 05, 2005


This homestarrunner toon is hilarious. See it here. The best bit is The Hoppity Frog Of Value or BubaDaddy. Anyway just watch it.

Another good cartoon I've watched is Xombified. It's actually a series and a film is being made. Watch it from the first one or it makes no sense.